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Corridor Management Subsystem: Proof of Concept

The Connected Corridors I-210 Pilot, described on this website, is a Caltrans-led effort to develop an Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) system and deploy it initially as a pilot on the I-210 corridor in Los Angeles. In mid-2016, the System Requirements for the Pilot were completed, and this was followed by a high-level design process which allocated software functions to various subsystems.  A significant number of requirements were allocated to a subsystem titled “Corridor Management.” It was determined that this subsystem should be filled by a COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) software package.

Solicitation for Participation

The Connected Corridors/PATH team at the University of California, Berkeley, is now inviting vendors to participate in a proof of concept by piloting a COTS solution on the I-210 corridor that meets the Corridor Management Subsystem requirements. The Solicitation for Participation describes the need for a Corridor Management Subsystem, expectations for the solution, selection criteria, how to respond, and more.

Click image to download Solicitation for Participation:

To request copies of the requirements documents, contact Lisa Hammon at

Corridor Management Subsystem Requirements

The requirements for the Corridor Management Subsystem describe the functionality needed for the I-210 Pilot. There are three versions of the requirements:

Essential Requirements—Contains tables listing the core requirements necessary for basic operation of the Pilot.

All Requirements—Contains tables listing all the requirements, including optional requirements which vendors can meet if they choose.

Full Version—The entire Corridor Management Subsystem requirements document, including all tables, generic requirements, and a description of the project.

To request copies of the requirements documents, contact Lisa Hammon at

 Additional documents, including the Concept of Operations and the System Requirements for the I-210 Pilot, can be found in this website's Document Library.

Next Steps

  1. To let us know of your interest in this Solicitation, please contact Lisa Hammon at and request copies of the Corridor Management Subsystem requirements documents. This will also help us keep you updated on the Solicitation process.
  2. The requirements are presented in table format. In either the Essential Tables or All Tables version of the requirements document (your choice), fill in the “Will Meet?” column to indicate which requirements you will meet:
    • Enter “Y” if you will meet the requirement.
    • Enter “P” if you will partially meet it.
    • Leave blank those you will not meet.
    • Do this, at a minimum, for every requirement marked as essential for the Pilot (those with a “Y” in the “Essential” column).
  3. Return the completed requirements document along with the rest of your proposal materials to Lisa Hammon at Submissions are due June 5, 2017 at 5pm PDT.

Current Status

Due date for submissions

Submissions due June 5, 2017 at 5pm PDT

Released for review

March 20, 2017