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Problems to be Addressed

The management of multi-jurisdiction, multi-modal corridors for the efficient transportation of people and goods presents a unique set of technical, procedural, and organizational challenges.  The intent of this project is to coordinate the various transportation networks and control systems in use within the I-210 corridor to enable them to operate as a cohesive and integrated system.  To do so, the project team, in collaboration with project stakeholders, will investigate tools and technologies and develop processes that will help Caltrans and corridor partner agencies enhance their real-time collaborative decision-making capabilities.

Key user-related issues to be addressed by the project include:

  1. Management of congestion spanning freeway and arterials
  2. Coordination of transit and roadway operations
  3. Enhancement of  situational and operational awareness
  4. Development of coordinated strategy management
  5. Enhancement of communication with system users
  6. Management and monitoring of deployed system

The specific problems associated with each of these issues are identified in the following “mind map.”

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