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Project Overview

This website describes the planning, development, and implementation of an Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) system and its pilot deployment on a section of the I-210 freeway in Southern California. This pilot implementation, referred to as the "I-210 Pilot," is a project of the Connected Corridors program administered by Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology (PATH) at the University of California, Berkeley, and the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans). The work has been carried out under Technical Agreement 51A0426, titled Partners for Advanced Transportation Technology – Research and Innovation for Traffic Operations, and a subsequent technical agreement titled Connected Corridors – Tools, Methods, and Pilot Implementation.

As the state's transportation agency, Caltrans is leading the effort to plan, build, and deploy ICM systems on multiple corridor segments in California over the next ten years. Called "ICM California," this plan is part of Caltrans' strategic response to the State of California's objectives of improving transportation systems to enhance the livability, sustainability, and economic performance of the state. The I-210 Pilot is the first corridor site in that effort.

Use the links in the left sidebar to learn about the project's purpose, background, and scope and the specific traffic management issues it seeks to address.