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Systems Engineering Documentation

To articulate and guide the project, the Connected Corridors team created the following systems engineering documents:

Project Management Plan (PMP)Primary planning document for the project, covering all phases from initiation through planning, execution, and closure. Describes what the project is to achieve; how and by whom; and how it will be reported, measured, and communicated.
Project TimelineOverview of project schedule and milestones.

Corridor Description and System Inventory

Description of the corridor's transportation systems, management assets, and current operational status.

Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP)

Defines the framework for carrying out the technical tasks of the project and the systems engineering processes to be used, including plans to manage system and software development, integration, testing, validation, and deployment. Meant to be a living document, updated as the project progresses.

Concept of Operations (ConOps)

The vision and rationale for the proposed ICM system on I-210. Describes corridor operations, system stakeholders, user needs, system concept for improving corridor performance, operational scenarios illustrating what the system will do.

Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation (AMS)

Describes efforts to analyze, model, and simulate traffic conditions, incidents, and management interventions on a portion of the I-210 corridor to evaluate potential benefits and costs of an ICM system.
System RequirementsDescribes what the system must do in terms of function and performance. Maps system requirements to user needs. Forms the basis for the design/build phases.
System Validation PlanOutlines the strategy for testing whether the deployed system meets the user needs identified in the ConOps.

Design Documents

Contain design details for building specific components.
System Test/Acceptance PlanDescribes steps/information required for testing functional accuracy and robustness of sub-systems and overall system. Iteratively updated as development proceeds.


These and other documents are also available in the Document Library. Additional documents will be added as they become available.